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These are not Muziq [Album] Released: 2006 RYUTA.K(RYU) Total Tracks: 6 Label: Doppleganger list 01. Aborted Foetus 02. Syorei No Keiyou Nasitaru Naran 03. Feldmans on the Koryakhut 04. The Castration 05. Madam Edowalda 06. Walk Along the Cloud Mazeran Review Ambient electrodark coming straight from Tokyo-Chiba: an Eastern expatriation which must delight our hatchways! Ryu aka Ryuta.K presents to us here, its third album solo. It is also one of the members of the duet Overdose Kunst (two albums since 2001) at the sides of another Japanese musician: Takeshi.F. Their creations are disseminated on considerable netlabels… In order to describe the style of its creations, Ryu is definitely more than prolix: “Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq!" or “A post sampling kinetic dissipative quantum-reduction system off sound in nonequalibrium…", I leave it to to you to carry out the translation of it… With the final one, the music could have been made up well in Europe, or in the USA, the influence of the occident is obvious, and almost even choking, such an amount of one would have liked a freshness very singular arrival of the country of the raising sun. Fascinated by the French language, if one judges of them the titles of his preceding albums, its instrumentarium is composed as follows: powerbookG4, maxmsp, Triton, Jackson guitar, joemeek. Side influences, this one speaks to us about Harry Partch, Luc Ferrari, Jon Hassell and of the musics of the world, of which it affectionate articuli? rement the rhythmic aspect. Also marked by the Western philosophers and artists like Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Lacan, Marcel Duchamp… its step of creation proves inevitably complex: d? construction, castration, Anti-?dipe, notion of Reality and finally a particular use of the stamp seems to be in the center of its concerns.By its singular approach of the noise, Ryu tries to define the sound territories of tomorrow. Registered voter in a phenomenon of universalization of the musical expressions, it seems, like many artists of his generation, released of any national identity! Melancholic person and introspective, These are not muziq remains a very good opus avant- garde, experimental with wish and ideal sound companion for the frantic music lovers who we are. All the remainder is only literature. http://www.emusic.com/artist/11687/11687521.html ovdk